Gayle P. – Submitted 01/19/21

Dr Kahn and his staff truly care about their patients. They go beyond to help you find the best solutions. They are amazing and take their time explaining things and helping with your insurance needs. I would highly recommend them to everyone.

Karl R A. – Submitted 01/14/21

Blood test and removal of stitch after two weeks./ Nurse was very professional, regular person drawing blood was occupied so she did it and did it quite well, then removed the stitch. She had me in and out in less than 15 minutes. Excellent rating for the young lady

Kyler N. – Submitted 01/14/21

I was pleased with the way you handled my problems. I was very nervous during the procedure; however, your experienced staff helped me through the tough parts. Except for Jamie, I cannot recall any of their names, but I do remember that they all called me by my first name, Kyler, as they explained what would be happening to me or what was happening to me.

Kami H. – Submitted 01/14/21

Dr. Khan and staff are always kind and make the office visit a good experience.

David K. – Submitted 01/14/21

With years of experience, Doctor Khan demonstrates a good understanding of male sexual dysfunction.

Gregg L. – Submitted 01/13/21

Dr. Khan asked questions and responded accordingly and provided the necessary solution.

William M. – Submitted 01/12/21

I was referred to Dr. Khan by my doctor and I have been seeing him over the last couple years. My experiences have been excellent. Dr. Khan has done a great job for me. My appointments have been on time with very little waiting. The staff is very good/friendly and helpful. I would not hesitate recommending Dr. Khan’s office to anyone needing his expertise.

Rebecca O. – Submitted 01/12/21

Excellent care, from check-in staff, nurses, and Dr. Khan.

Wayne D. – Submitted 10/01/20

I had prostate surgery for an enlarged prostate and Dr. Khan fully explained what could be done to solve this. He reviewed test findings and X rays to me and I felt at peace having him do my surgery. I had immediate relief and no pain so very pleased that it went even better than I thought Dr. Khan is the best of the best! I would like to give him more than a 5 star rating. I would recommend him to anyone wanting the very best care. I am so thankful and grateful for all he has done for me.

Professor W. – Submitted 03/04/20

Dr. Kahn knows his trade, is very helpful and caring individual. I’m very pleased I have chosen him as my doctor and looking forward to a good long relationship.

Duane K. – Submitted 03/04/20

Dr Khan is a great physician!

Blake E. – Submitted 03/03/20

Dr. Khan and his staff are the most friendly and professional medical team I’ve experienced to date. I have referred all my friends to Dr. Khan and they’ve had the same excellent service.

Leigh N. – Submitted 03/02/20

I received excellent care from Dr. Khan and every member of his staff.

Monty L. – Submitted 03/02/20

Dr. Khan was very professional and took the time to explain all the options available to me as well as the advantages and drawbacks of each.

Lois R. – Submitted 03/02/20

Dr Kahn was professional and his staff welcoming.

Leslie Y. – Submitted 03/01/20

Such a comfortable experience. Dr. Khan always makes sure you are never in any discomfort. The staff is very friendly and professional.

Howard R. – Submitted 03/01/20

I have complete trust with Dr Kahn as a patient knowing he has my back .

Arthur S. – Submitted 03/01/20

Dr. Khan is a great doctor. I am very satisfied with him being my urologist.

Kirk F. – Submitted 02/29/20

Everything went better and faster than I was expecting.

Jennifer H. – Submitted 02/29/20

The staff is AMAZING and very knowledgeable. Dr. Khan listens to your needs. Great experience.

Jeff K. – Submitted 02/29/20

Had a great experience with Dr Kahn Very caring n explained my issue thoroughly I would highly recommend Dr Kahn

Gary H. – Submitted 02/28/20

Dr. Khan always seems to want to do what’s best for me. Found cancer in my prostrate , removed it, lump on a kidney removed it, all seems to be well since.

Douglas H. – Submitted 02/28/20

Dr Khan is good about explaining alternative treatments; and answers questions in an understandable fashion.

Dennis R. – Submitted 02/28/20

Good except the delay in getting my blood draw.

Herbert V. F. – Submitted 02/28/20

The only think I am unhappy with , is the LOVELY who takes your BLOOD test IS VERY questinable with her skills, ?????????????????????? When I go to my personal Doctor , there nurses do not leave a big BLACK bruise — like she does 3 times thus far… DONT get me wrong she is very very pleasant BUTI think its the HORSE size needle she uses and the position of standing up in the corner of her little ROOM . Thank you for asking

Gary B. – Submitted 02/28/20

Dr Khan did an excellent job on my prostate surgery. Going on 7 years no more problems. Nice work.

Bill C. – Submitted 02/28/20


Robert C. – Submitted 02/27/20

Excellent staff

Yvonne H. – Submitted 01/12/20

Dr.Khan treats you like person not just another number. His a great at what he does.

Milt H. – Submitted 01/11/20

My appointment was on time the Staff could not have been better.

Shelli W. – Submitted 01/10/20

All staff was so knowledgeable and helpful. Willing to answer any questions! Dr Kahn was efficient and explained my medical situation thoroughly and gave me options for treatment

Paul T. – Submitted 01/10/20

Excellent and helpful staff. The procedure Dr Kahn perfiormed went very well and I was back to work the next day.

Wayne S. – Submitted 01/08/20

After I got over the infection and healed up from the surgery I’m doing good.

Bill H. – Submitted 01/07/20

Dr Khan is one of the most thorough Doctors I have known. He is pro active in taking no chances about possible problems that could develop in a person . For me it is expertise in the urology area. He ordered a localized MRI which in the long run eased my anxieties over some elevated PSA blood test results. He continues to have me checked within a specific period of time. Take no chances is my motto and with his expertise and some lab tests we are “taking no chances”. His staff is also excellent and friendly.

Robert M. – Submitted 01/06/20

Dr Kahn did all that was expected for a very good outcome.

Gordon M. – Submitted 01/06/20

I believe Dr. Khan is a very competent Doctor.

Alan F. – Submitted 01/06/20

Dr. Khan is sometimes a bit gruff and I have to ask questions because he doesn’t always take the time to explain things but the treatment I’ve received is first rate. He treated my kidney stones and was very careful to relieve the pain right away. He caught my cancer and removed it. He saved my life.

Joe S. – Submitted 01/06/20

All questions answered and visit was professionally completed.

Shari S. – Submitted 01/06/20

Dr. Khan cares about patient outcomes and followed up personally to make sure I was healing appropriately.

John A. – Submitted 01/06/20

I appreciate everything Dr. Khan has done for me. The office staff is great and easy to work with. Thanks

Sharry C. – Submitted 01/06/20

Dr Khan and staff were helpful, professional and provided me with exactly what was needed. Excellent patient care and knowledge friendly support staff. Highly recommend Dr Khan for urology concerns and women’s health and wellness care.

Steven A. – Submitted 01/06/20

My visits to the office were timely, efficient and resulted in a path to effective treatment.

Robin G. – Submitted 01/06/20

Everyone is very friendly and professional. You are treated as a valued person!

Steve P. – Submitted 01/06/20

Dr. Kahn and staff are very professional in the service they provide. Everyone is very nice and easy to talk to.

Paula W. – Submitted 01/05/20

There is no one else I would trust as much we my husband’s and my Urology health care as Dr. Kahn. He and all of his office and nursing staff are wonderful, caring, and professional.

Ray S. – Submitted 01/05/20

I have always been very satisfied with my visits to see Dr. Khan and his staff.

Peter W. – Submitted 01/05/20


Paul R. – Submitted 01/05/20

Treated with respect starting with sign in desk n all nurses n Dr Khan himself. I have told a lot of my friend about your facilities.

Randall F. – Submitted 01/05/20

everything is explained, and taken care of in a professional manner, and I feel that Dr. Khan and the staff do the best for me as a patient.

David S. – Submitted 01/04/20

Great doctor

Kenneth S. – Submitted 01/04/20

Quick and to the point. All questions answered

George F. – Submitted 01/03/20

On time every time. Dr Kahn is the leading Urologist in the Omaha area. His staff is caring and very knowledgeable. As a male patient, he understands what my needs are and I could not ask for better care. He has my complete trust and I’m healthier because of his care and expertise. Life , because of his treatment and caring, is much better.

Andrea E. – Submitted 01/02/20

Staff was super nice and made me feel more comfortable.

David O. – Submitted 01/02/20

Good. Quick attention.

Chad S. – Submitted 01/02/20

The procedure was quick, easy, and as pain free as possible.

William M. – Submitted 01/01/20

Prostate cancer, cryoablation procedure by Dr. Khan. Very satisfied with the results, very happy!!

Ed R. – Submitted 01/01/20

I have a great doctor and a great staff. Happy New Years’ to you all.

Karen N. – Submitted 10/21/19

Dr Khan & surgical staff are very knowledgeable & caring! Caren went above & beyond to offer alternative to surgery after consulting with Dr!

Norm N. – Submitted 10/21/19

I continue to appreciate the friendly and efficient staff.

Jeff P. – Submitted 10/20/19

Dr Khan and his team are the best in the business. Fremont is fortunate to have them here.

Karen C. – Submitted 10/20/19

Taken care of great! Trish in the office is great!

Doug R. – Submitted 10/19/19

First rate care. Felt comfortable and confident I was in top notch minds in the field.

Scott D. – Submitted 10/07/19

Always on time and excellent care.

Pepper M. – Submitted 10/05/19

I missed my appointment and made another appt. for Oct.7th.

Wayne M. – Submitted 10/04/19

Excellent consultation and and a personal visit.

Steven B. – Submitted 10/02/19

Efficient service. Very little waiting.

Richard L. – Submitted 10/01/19

I greatly appreciate your excellent medical surgical services (i.e. kidney stone removal). Everyone on your staff was very friendly, courteous and exhibited professionalism. I heartily recommend your Surgical Center to everyone! Richard L.

Wayne D. – Submitted 10/01/19 –

I received very accurate testing to allow me to understand solutions needed to improve my health. Dr. Khan explained in terms I could understand and appreciated his personal way with people.

Kirby H. – Submitted 10/01/19

The staff worked around my schedule and saved me a trip. I appreciate their cooperation.

Sherrol V. – Submitted 10/01/19

Very satisfied.

Dennis S. – Submitted 09/30/19

They worked around my schedule and gave consideration to our travel time. Very nice to work with. Doc was great in explanation and what to expect.

Dale L. – Submitted 09/30/19

Very Satisfied

Jim L. – Submitted 09/30/19

I am waiting for a follow-up appointment after he speaks to my heart doctor please let me know when that happens

Joan P. – Submitted 09/29/19

Dr. Khan and his entire Staff are very caring and Professional.

Cheryl L. – Submitted 09/29/19

Felt confident in his ability to take care of my problem. To the point, kind.

Steven S. – Submitted 09/28/19

explained everything &answered all my questions

David M. – Submitted 09/28/19

Normal visit, staff is always friendly and professional

Richard S. – Submitted 09/04/19

I am very pleased with with the entire staff and Dr. Khan. Every time my wife and I would ask any questions they would give us the answer. I have already told friends about this office. Incase they would need this type of doctor I the future.

Ron S. – Submitted 08/22/19

Dr. Khan explained in detail the process for my treatment. He is very thorough with his treatment plane.

Leo E. – Submitted 08/01/19

Very professional and helpful

Marvin S. – Submitted 07/31/19

Very efficient and answers questions.

Travis N. – Submitted 07/30/19

Prompt and on time

Bill M. – Submitted 07/29/19

I had my appointment scheduled for 9:30am for a blood draw and was in and out right on schedule. Staff was friendly, helpful and informed. I returned an hour later to discuss results with Dr. Kahn. He was very professional and thorough and answered all my questions. I am appreciative and pleased with my experience at both appointments.

Ed R. – Submitted 07/29/19
Been with Dr.Khan 26+ years and have had the best care anyone could ask for. Dr. Khan has been by my side in good and bad times and it has always come out for the good! Thanks Dr. Khan for your caring and kindness. Ed Rhoades

Julie W. – Submitted 07/27/19

Appointment was on time and visit was brief and to the point! It allowed me to get on with my day! Thank you!

Jack H. – Submitted 07/10/19

the best

Joyce D. – Submitted 07/10/19

I would rate Dr. Kahn as a knowledgeable and excellent urologist.

James P. – Submitted 06/28/19

Very best center ever. Fast procedure with urolift. Best outcome. Friendliest staff. On time appointments. Would recommend highly. Most experienced medical staff. Drove from Lincoln to Fremont because I wanted the most experienced doctor. Dr Ansar.

Susan P. – Submitted 06/24/19

Everyone was really nice.. Didn’t feel uncomfortable…

Jimmy E. – Submitted 06/22/19

Just like visiting home. Been doing this procedure for the last 8 or 9 years. Best group in the state!!

CHRISTOPHER H. – Submitted 06/22/19

It is ok

Gregory H. – Submitted 06/22/19

Well trained, friendly staff! Dr. Khan is excellent at evaluating and recommending options for treatment.

Timothy P. – Submitted 06/22/19

I have never had reason to see a urologist before and I was amazed t just how many patients there were. The experience was mostly a pleasant but it seems that there were more patients than rooms which to me infers that the doctors have a large load. I will have a procedure done Monday and I will b better able to provide better feedback at that time.

Joan P. – Submitted 05/31/19

Everyone there is always super nice.

Brenda B. – Submitted 05/26/19

I am beyond thrilled with the results, staff and overall experience! Dr. Khan is amazing. He has to be one of the best in his profession!

Alan P. – Submitted 05/25/19

My follow up check from a past surgery went well. I am appreciative that I was encouraged to continue monitoring my situation and to let him know if there are any changes. He addressed my concerns. Thanks.

Thomas A. – Submitted 05/25/19

Very professional and relatively quick.

Jerry C. – Submitted 05/21/19

Doctor and all the staff were very efficient, of course, but they were also very friendly and caring. They always made me feel at ease and as comfortable as possible.

Sandra D. – Submitted 05/18/19

Having never been through this before I feel my treatment so far has been spot on. I wish for quicker conclusion but that has no reflection on service received.

Lonnie Z. – Submitted 05/17/19

Staff is professional, kind, and helpful.

Jeff T. – Submitted 05/16/19

Excellent – Dr. Kahn has taken care of my health for many years.

Jane S. – Submitted 05/13/19


Harvey H. – Submitted 05/13/19

Very satisfied with our last visit. Would recommend Dr. Kahn to others.

Sandra S. – Submitted 05/11/19

Well, I suppose for any lady going to a urologist can’t be considered FUN…but, there is an awesome staff in place at this clinic! Very polite, patient and helpful. AND the cookies and coffee were delicious!!! sandy

Mike J. – Submitted 05/02/19


Peter W. – Submitted 05/01/19

Everything went great.

Steven Edward S. – Submitted 04/30/19


John C. – Submitted 04/30/19

Dr Khan is a “Magician” in Urology, he has the knack to take care of your problem and get results that will take the worries away!!!

Mellissa K. – Submitted 04/29/19

Everyone was very kind. They explained everything that was going to happen. If I had any questions they knew the answer or found out for me.

Shari S. – Submitted 04/28/19

Great service

Roger Y. – Submitted 04/28/19

We visited Dr Khan for a recheck after surgery. I needed a procedure done and he worked it into the schedule that day since we come from a distance. He was able to readily treat my problem and in the next day or two I was feeling much better. He is very thorough and professional.

Scott G. – Submitted 04/28/19

A bit long but very thorough and informative.

Steven Edward S. – Submitted 04/27/19


Judith E. – Submitted 04/27/19


Becky K. – Submitted 04/27/19

Great nurses, very caring!

Connie C. – Submitted 04/27/19

I am still waiting for my results from my back exray at the hospital

Laree S. – Submitted 04/27/19

Both professional & cordial.

Cori C. – Submitted 04/26/19

It was fine

Tracy C. – Submitted 04/26/19

Everyone is so kind and I know that I am in good hands.

Michael K. – Submitted 04/26/19

Dr. Khan knows his stuff!!

Clark K. – Submitted 04/26/19

The Eurology staff and Doctors are always polite and never make you wait long.

William M. – Submitted 04/26/19

I received a friendly and quick response. Thank you!

U P. – Submitted 04/26/19

I would recommend ANYONE to Dr. Kahn. He is beyond knowledgeable, does a phenomenal job & sincerely cares for his patients well being. The Nurses are graciously nice, caring & very helpful. If I had to drive across the state for Dr. Kahn & his staff to continue treating me, I would without a doubt. Once you have been treated with at a clinic/surgical center, you won’t want to look any further for the BESTbc it’s right here for you!! For women that have had vaginal births, I would HONESTLY & SINCERELY recommend the MonaLisa! It has changed my life & I no longer have to worry when I sneeze, cough, jump, exercise or ANY ACTIVITY. It works & it will change your life within 2-3 with NO surgery or down time. It’s the BEST!!!

Edward B. – Submitted 04/25/19

I have had excellent care at The Fremont facility. They do a very good job on there scheduling. Friendly service.

Candace G. – Submitted 04/25/19

I always feel at ease I never fell rushed. He will always take time to answer any questions I have.

Dawn S. – Submitted 04/25/19

Dr. Khan and his staff were very professional and explained everything to me. I would definitely recommend them for my procedure

Roger N. – Submitted 04/25/19

I have been going to Dr Khan for many years and always felt like I had the right doctor. He’s to the point and is an expert in his profession. Everyone at his office is friendly and very helpful. They do the paper work and scheduling with ease. I have had at least 7 to 10 procedures done involving Kidney stones in the last year, and that is the only clinic I would consider going to.

Robin F. – Submitted 04/25/19

Doctor Khan discovered the source of my pain that previous physicians failed to discover.

Dave S. – Submitted 04/25/19

Moving to Texas. Hope I can find a doctor as good as Doctor Khan down there.

Joan S. – Submitted 04/25/19


Patrick P. – Submitted 04/25/19

Dr Kahn is the BEST in his Field! Wish I would have met him earlier in my life.

Dan M. – Submitted 04/25/19

Dr Kahn’s staff is so top notch & accommodating. Dr Kahn is also open to working to my input and questions.